Top 3 of the best automatic text generators ?

Since the explosion of artificial intelligence, the field of content writing for the web has been one of the most impacted. Many tools have therefore emerged to facilitate the automatic generation of texts. However, these are not equal. To produce quality content, you need to choose the best tool. To help you get there, discover our top 3 of the best automatic text generators.


Among the free text generation tools, this one presents itself as one of the best options at the moment. This conversational bot allows you to generate text for your blog or for any other use. You can access it by going to see the editor website.

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It is worth pointing out that the user does not need to register to access or use the bot. Once on the platform, you will notice that several services are available with this revolutionary tool.

To continue with text generation, choose the “Write an article” option. You should then write a prompt that describes the article you plan to generate. The prompt can contain, for example, the title of the article, the writing context, the desired number of words and the writing style. In a few seconds, you obtain a text capable of amaze even the best writers.

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This chatbot is also one of the most popular at the moment. It is available in several versions, the most popular being the free GPT-3.5 version and the premium GPT-4 version. Whether you opt for one or the other, you will need to register first on the OpenAI platform.

When you enter the bot, you must select “New Chat” before starting your text generation. The principle is the same as with MychatbotGPT. You give a descriptive instruction to the bot and it writes the corresponding content. You can be creative when writing the instructions. The bot can write on all topics. When the generated text does not suit you, you can improve it by entering other prompts.

Please note, however, that ChatGPT does not have access to the web. You will therefore not be able to write on current post-2021 topics using this tool.

Google Bard

As the name suggests, Google Bard is Google's AI-powered text generator. This latter bot has access to the internet, unlike ChatGPT. Its interface is pleasant and its use intuitive, as with the other bots of this top. To produce a text, you can enter an instruction using your voice with the microphone integrated into the bot. You can also use an image.

The bot does have some drawbacks, however, such as its inability to produce imaginative text like MychatbotGPT. You will therefore not be able to use it to generate beautiful poetry, to write a book or a film script. That said, if you want informative articles, this is perfect for you. Before you can use it too, you must have a Google account.